“Its easier to find a reason to not do something difficult than it is to just get on and do it.”

These are the words a friend wrote to me a few years ago when I first talked about doing a long Motorcycle Trip Overseas.

I returned to riding a little over ten years ago, I had given it up some years before for the usual reasons, work, family and financial commitments and yes I’m not embarrassed to say that watching the Long Way Round (TV series with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman) was partly responsible for this return.   I have travelled around and through Australia both on a Motorcycle and in a 4WD a lot over the years with plenty remaining and a short ride through Italy and France but the desire to ride and explore areas out of my comfort zone is just too strong to ignore.

I’m pushing (too quickly) towards the second half of life and I had some of the same constraints as a lot of people reading this blog but my friends words kept ringing in my ears.  I too had a house in the suburbs with a Mortgage so I sold it, I had a great job in the Building Industry which I enjoyed so I left it, I have 3 teenage kids who are very switched on and capable of looking after themselves (with help from their mother) they will visit me at times throughout the trip, but they will survive without me for a while.   No doubt money is the other major factor but a trip like this is not as expensive as people might think, all of the other things really don’t matter, in fact I’m really looking forward to simplifying things a bit…ride, eat, sleep and repeat.

So there is nothing left to do now but “get on and do it.”

Thanks for following along.